Chough on wooden fence post near Strumble Head Pyrrhocorax. Pembrokeshire Coastal Path
A Chattering of Choughs A Chattering of Choughs (Pyrrhocorax.) on Strumble Head near the holiday cottages. Taken by one of guests Pete Neal. Local legend has it that King Arthur’s soul entered the body of a chough when he died, turning its legs and bill red.

A Chattering of Choughs

Type 2 electric charge point at stones cottages
Electric Car Charging Point – Self Catering Holiday Cottages in Pembrokeshire We are very excited to announce that Stones Cottages now has a Type 2 7kw electric car charging point for electric vehicles. This has already been made good use of with recent guests travelling to us from Macclesfield to […]

Re-Charge Your Batteries at Stones Cottages

Bird spotting holidays at Stonesa Cottages. Wheatear
Bird Spotting at the Holiday Cottages Bird Spotting Holidays in Pembrokeshire, West Wales Stones Cottages is a great place for bird spotting. We have planted over 4,000 trees, created wildlife habitats and have a large pond. This all helps encourage wildlife. We have spotted many birds around Stones Cottages, here […]

Bird Spotting Holidays

Happy looking seal at Strumble Head North Pembrokeshire.
What is so great about Pembrokeshire? Is it because it makes you feel like a room without a roof? This grey seal pup is clapping along on a North Pembrokeshire beach. I think this seals the deal.     Photo taken by our guest Pete Neal. Save

Happy Seal

Grey seal spotting holidays at Stones Cottages.
Seal Spotting Holidays at Stones Cottages Grey Seal Spotting in Pembrokeshire Stones Cottages is a great place to stay for grey seal spotting holidays. The grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) is the UK’s largest resident mammal. Apparently it’s name in Latin means hooked nose pig. Seals are plentiful in the seas […]

Grey Seal Spotting in Pembrokeshire

Sunset at Stones Cottages
Wonder you may why Sunset Cottage is called Sunset. Here are a selection of reasons why, taken by one of our guests Peter Neal.  And remember those sunsets are telling us something “Those spectrally pure colours are telling you there’s a sizeable swath of clear air off to your west […]

Sunsets at Sunset Cottage

It is but a tiny dot in the black empty void of space, a speck of dust in a sunbeam
To paraphrase Carl Sagan “It is but a tiny dot in the black empty void of space, a speck of dust in a sunbeam, and no more than that, in the infinite vastness of time and the ever expanding universe. Yet on this tiny speck of dust, people in one […]

To paraphrase Carl Sagan…..

Holiday Cottages in Pembrokeshire. The sun and the flowers
Flower Meadow Summer 2016 What better time to remember the flower meadow at Stones Cottages this summer as the season starts to change. Lazy hazy summer days at the holiday cottages. Ox-eyed daisies and bird’s foot trefoil prevalent this year. Save

Flower Meadow 2016

We think that this is a Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria). Photo taken walking around Stones Cottages.
Butterflies in Pembrokeshire #30dayswild Today we went looking for butterflies as part of the Wildlife Trusts #30dayswild challenge in the holiday cottages flower meadows. These are two that we managed to photograph, the common blue and the Speckled Wood. Save Save Save

Butterflies in Pembrokeshire #30dayswild