Chough on wooden fence post near Strumble Head Pyrrhocorax. Pembrokeshire Coastal Path
A Chattering of Choughs A Chattering of Choughs (Pyrrhocorax.) on Strumble Head near the holiday cottages. Taken by one of guests Pete Neal. Local legend has it that King Arthur’s soul entered the body of a chough when he died, turning its legs and bill red.

A Chattering of Choughs

Bird spotting holidays at Stonesa Cottages. Wheatear
Bird Spotting at the Holiday Cottages Bird Spotting Holidays in Pembrokeshire, West Wales Stones Cottages is a great place for bird spotting. We have planted over 4,000 trees, created wildlife habitats and have a large pond. This all helps encourage wildlife. We have spotted many birds around Stones Cottages, here […]

Bird Spotting Holidays