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Green Holiday Cottages

At the conception of Stones Cottages we knew that anything we were going to create had to be in harmony with the environment and that our actions in its creation had to have minimal local and global environmental impact.

As well as the creation of the holiday cottages we have also built our family home, increasing the number of fully occupied domestic properties whilst also bringing trade into the local area.

Where we have been able our adventure has been self funding and sustainable through the use of our own labour and resources, when we have needed help we have used the Ecologist Building Society. When we have bought in expertise and labour we have done so from the local area.

This is a family project and we feel we are building something for the future. Something that will last. Something that is not disposable. The fabric of what we are creating we hope will outlive us and many generations to follow. We hope you will come and stay in our green holiday cottages bringing benefit to the local communities whilst treading lightly upon the Earth.

Efficient Buildings

By creating efficient buildings we hope to minimise environmental harm through a reduction in energy. We have used recycled and natural materials where possible. Stone has been reused on site. Existing stone work has been re-pointed with lime mortar. Interior plasters are lime based. In addition all paints and wood finishes are natural clay or vegetable based. Roof insulation made from recycled newspaper keeps the heat in and  breathable walls keep the cottages feeling healthy. FSC certified timber, locally sourced where possible, has been used in the construction of the cottages.

Natural Water

A bore hole provides all the cottages with crystal clear water. It is regularly tested and free from added chemicals. In addition hot water is provided by solar thermal panels and is stored in highly efficient water tanks. When the sun is not shining hot water is heated using green electricity supplied by Green Energy. Electrical appliances are at least A rated and we try to buy items that are repairable.

Sustainable Heating

Two air source heat pumps are the main heat source for the cottages running the underfloor heating and up stairs radiators and towel rails. We use green electricity from Good Energy to further reduce our carbon footprint.  In addition each cottage has a log burning stove, a basket of locally sourced logs from sustainable sources are included in the price.

Solar Energy

We have two solar arrays providing electricity, coupled with a 10kw battery. This allows for the cottages to be run on self generated electricity for a large part of the year. Any electricity that we import is from Good Energy, we subscribe to the standard tariff meaning that the real cost of matching all the electricity we import is with power bought directly from British renewable generators.

Natural Products & Composting

Environmental cleaning products, washing powders, soaps and shampoos are provided in all the green holiday cottages. No bleach is ever used. Recycling and composting is a passion and  bins for that purpose are provided.


We love plants and trees and have landscaped around the cottages and planted hundreds of trees around the surrounding land. Compost we have used has either been made by ourselves or has been certified organic and peat free. Since moving here no chemicals or fertilisers have been put on the fields that we own around the cottages. Subsequently, we have been rewarded with many wild flowers and birds on the hay meadows, shelter belts and wildlife areas. All of which you are free to wander, picnic and enjoy the sea views. We have currently spotted and recorded over 690 species of flora and fauna at Stones Cottages. A coppice has been planted which one day provide us with the fire wood for the cottages. Vegetable gardens are managed using organic principles. The design philosophies of permaculture are slowly being entwined into our world.


Guests can be collected from the local train and bus stations and are happy to pick up shopping.

We have an EV charger for guest use. This is charged at our current electricity unit price from Good Energy.

We have tried very hard to be mindful of our actions demonstrated by our choices of materials and energy use. Mistakes have been made but we have also had many successes. We would be happy to talk to anyone undertaking a similar project and share our experiences.









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